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 2.98 to be out

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PostPosted: 01.01.2018, 12:34    2.98 to be out  Reply with quoteBack to top

Dirk B. has announced a new version of Ahnenblatt: 2.98 has come out with multiple bug fixes and some improvements yesterday.

Here's the list of changes:
  • Documents/Images can be copied into common folder while adding to a person
  • Ancestors list can start with arbitrary number
  • Shift from one person to another by keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+arrowkey/0-9)
  • some smaller improvements
  • correction of miscellaneous bugs
Detailed list of changes:
  • Show all files/images: "Go to..." leads to input dialog with slide "Images"
  • Add image/file: picking image information from image file improved via texts in Settings.ini (to be ignored); new image type TIF (GetInfoFromFile)
  • Delete image/file: Request to delete file while in media directory (via DeleteFileWithUndo into trash bin)
  • BUG FIXED: Ancestors' tree by pages: page# was missing in lower line for double page references
  • BUG FIXED: Ancestors' tree by pages: omitted parents with multiple persons
  • BUG FIXED: Ancestors' tree: crossing lines and double children while a man having children with two sisters
  • BUG FIXED: Ancestors' tree: Partners of a home person as brothers or sisters led to a connected line if home person had brothers or sisters as well
  • BUG FIXED: Storing from within the print view (i.e. PDF) provided a wrong file name from the second time on (FileFormatClick/GetExportFileName)
  • BUG FIXED: wrong title in the storage dialog for PDF file for storage from print view (new: SavePages)
  • BUG FIXED: GEDCOM links are correctly handled instead of being doubled while merging
  • BUG FIXED: CSV-Export: Infos about first image of a person were stored twice (OBJE.FILE/OBJE.FILE.1)
  • BUG FIXED: CSV/GEDCOM-Export: improved check for Unicode (IsUnicode), as there were problems with the character "ÿ"
  • BUG FIXED: GEDCOM date converting shortened some expression ("11.xx.1960" => "1960") (added PureDateChars to Text2GedDate)
  • BUG FIXED: GEDCOM: Dates with FROM (i.e. "2 DATE FROM 21 JUL 1926") weren't converted
  • BUG FIXED: Delete group: Coupling of siblings between generations could lead to strange results within "ancestors completely"
  • BUG FIXED: Improved handling of GEDOrgSource, GEDOrgName and GEDOrgVersion - lines became too long after adding multiple GEDCOM files
  • BUG FIXED: in family tree with the style 'larger relationship tree' siblings of first generation were represented multifold
  • BUG FIXED: in family tree, siblings with partners could lead to crossing lines
  • BUG FIXED: sometimes crossing lines when only mother, but no father (SammelRohAhnen)
  • BUG FIXED: after loading() a file GEDCOM- links were shortened to below 22 characters (AllData->CheckLinks)
  • BUG FIXED: Place management: renaming places within the person's entry dialog place names with data do no longer disappear from place list
  • BUG FIXED: Place management: Optimized inserting coordinates from clipboard (validity check, recognition of seconds)
  • BUG FIXED: Place management: Place management could not been reached with first entrys of places after closing person's entry dialog
  • BUG FIXED: Place management: Places with leading square bracket ("[") were sorted in wrong place (different sorting of SLOrte and OrteListBox)
  • BUG FIXED: Place management: Person with multiple identical _UIDs was handled as multiple entries
  • BUG FIXED: Now all duplicate persons are found by integrity check (if option checked)
  • BUG FIXED: ShortenPartnerDistance expanded by check for existing children of partners and persons in between
  • BUG FIXED: Family tree/hourglass - no more further siblings between marriages (from 2nd on)
  • BUG FIXED: Trees: Reducing size of a PDF to 5080mm (height/width) could lead to an empty file while storing
  • BUG FIXED: Trees: sometimes partners with too much distance (CalcXPositions)
  • CSV-Import: improved handling of errors: heads of rows are TRIMmed, HUSB/WIFE corrected when row SEX follows row MARR (load_csv)
  • File / Add: data of author is mixed together, so no more orphaned SUBM records
  • Entry dialog: with multiple annotations/sources: changes are only changed to the person also if GedLinks, empty texts may be deleted
  • Entry dialog: with multiple annotations/sources: partner texts aren't called 'family' any more, but "partnership (partner's name)"
  • Entry dialog: no more sound, when ESC key is used to close dialog
  • Improved recognition of internet files - dot must follow after last slash (IsInternetFile)
  • GEDCOM Export: max lenght of lines reduced to 252 (was 253), for there were problems with PAF (MAXGEDCOMLINE)
  • GEDCOM Import: place management of RootsMagic is now recognized (converted _PLAC to _LOC)
  • GEDCOM Import: mixed slashes (Slash, Backslash) in FILE paths are corrected (GetGEDLineRaw)
  • GEDCOM Import: if NAME.SPFX is found without NAME.SURN (as i.e. in Aldfaer), the part SPFX in SURN is deleted (if present)
  • GEDCOM: comma within given name fields are preserved - therefore new function "Edit / Adjust data... / Remove commas in given names"
  • Found backup file of an automatic backup will be copied as a backup file (.bak) into data directory
  • Navigator: Hint texts to persons without names don't contain a blank line anymore (GetFullHintWideText)
  • Navigator: you can change any person into start person by right click
  • NEW: Ancestors' list: new option to specify start number (ALStartNo, ALStartNoMode)
  • NEW: Ask for copying files/images into common media directory after adding them to a person (store file before if necessary)
  • NEW: Management of places: field "GOV key" with search and supplements (invoking browser)
  • NEW: shortkeys for visually impaireds for navigator: CTRL+Arrows/0-9 to change between partners, parents, children
  • Management of places: Hint if same places are merged
  • Management of places: additional button to delete coordinates
  • Merge persons: dialog now shows vital statistics and children of persons in question
  • Merge persons: optimized recognition of duplicate persons - dates with summarizing word (like "after 1900") don't count to be identical any more (GleichePerson)
  • Merge persons: optimized check for sameness (GleichePerson)
  • Opening of a backup file will be proposed if AB file to be opened is detected as corrupt

You will find the new version on the Ahnenblatt website (www.ahnenblatt.com for the international or www.ahnenblatt.de for the german site).

EDIT: Sorry, the new version isn't out on the intl. web site for now. Check the German one for the moment!

Aktuell Win7-64 pro, Ahnenblatt 2.98 & 3.0beta - Daten via NAS, Programm lokal

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Joined: 04 Jan 2017
Posts: 1477
Topics: 101
Location: Regio Rhein-Neckar


PostPosted: 02.01.2018, 01:17    (No subject)  Reply with quoteBack to top

AB 2.98 is now available on the intl. website, too!
Aktuell Win7-64 pro, Ahnenblatt 2.98 & 3.0beta - Daten via NAS, Programm lokal

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